Quality of healthcare. Can the law help to guarantee safe and reliable care for the patient?

Dear EAHL-members, Friends and Colleagues

After a too long period of social distancing, webinars, online-conferences and absence of real academic and social events, we are looking forward to see each other from 20 until 22 April 2022 in the lovely city of Ghent, Belgium, one of Europe’s best hidden secrets! It offers a combination of the history offered by Belgium’s Bruges and the vibrant livelihood of Belgium’s Antwerp. Or in other words: the perfect setting to once again meet in person and discuss the future of health law!

One of the most important lessons learned from the COVID-19-crisis is that we need to be able to trust on our healthcare to be patient-centered, effective, safe, efficient, equitable and timely, or in other words that we need to be able to trust on the quality of our healthcare. Health law plays a vital role with regard to quality of healthcare, not only through liability and sanctioning mechanisms when the quality and safety in healthcare was not enough, but also and foremost in creating frameworks through which the quality of healthcare can be guaranteed.

This conference will therefore offer a unique programme of distinguished keynote speakers, workshops and oral and poster presentations on broad scientific issues covering the conference theme: “Quality of healthcare. Can the law help to guarantee safe and reliable care for the patient?”

All abstracts will be published in the Book of Abstracts. We also offer the possibility to publish the paper of your presentation in the Book of Proceedings of the Conference. Both books will be offered to all attendees of the conference.

It is with great joy and enormous pleasure that we invite you, researchers, clinicians, educators, policy makers in health law to present your work on at the 8th European Conference on Health Law, from 20-22 April 2022!

Welcome in Ghent!

Prof. dr. Tom Balthazar

Prof. dr. Tom Goffin

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