Transportation to Ghent

From Brussels Airport/Zaventem

The International Brussels Airport is just under 45 minutes away from Gent ICC. The train station at Brussels Airport is located directly under the departures and arrival halls, at level -1. The platform is easily reached by lift or escalator. There is a direct connection every half hour between Brussels Airport and Ghent St. Peter station. The walk from the Ghent St. Peter station to Gent ICC is about 10 minutes. There are several bus lines that stop right in front of Gent ICC as well.

Train information:
Bus information:

From the Railway Station Brussels-Midi

Ghent is located between Brussels and Bruges, with many fast direct connections to both cities and easy access from all main European cities. The main station is Ghent “Sint-Pieters”

Thalys:, international high-speed train between France, Belgium and the Netherlands. It stops in Brussel ‘Zuid/Midi’ station, from where you take a direct train to Ghent Sint-Pieters.

Eurostar: = international high-speed train between the UK, France and Belgium. Does not stop in Ghent, but in Brussel ‘Zuid/Midi’ station, from where you take a direct train to Ghent Sint-Pieters.

From Brussels ‘Zuid/Midi’ station to Ghent ‘Sint-Pieters'  
- Three trains per hour in 30 minutes from Brussels ‘Zuid/Midi to Ghent Sint-Pieters
- First train departing at 6:05 in the morning and last train departing at 23:37 in the evening
- Direction Oostende, every 5 minutes after the hour
- Direction de Panne, every 14 minutes after the hour
- Direction Knokke, every 26 minutes after the hour

Ghent is located at the intersection of two major motorways, E17 and E40. Entering Gent from the E40 or the E17 motorway.

IMPORTANT: Ghent’s inner city (the area within the ring road) has become a low-emission zone since 1 January 2020. Only vehicles that meet the conditions for admission will be allowed into this zone. Avoid being fined and always check your vehicle before coming to Ghent.

By car

Permitted vehicles with a foreign number plate must be registered. You can register your vehicle via the registration tool at Always check your vehicle in advance to avoid a fine!

ATTENTION: Beware of certain commercial companies that offer you a service against payment. This service has no legal value and City of Ghent is not in any way involved in this service. You can register your vehicle or buy a permit without additional administrative fees from September 2019 via the registration tool at, which is operated by the City of Ghent.There is no obligation to show a physical document as proof that you may enter the low emission zone in Ghent. The check is done based on the number plate and is fully automated.

In the city of Ghent several public underground parking places are available. For their exact location please surf to: All public car parks are open 7 days a week, 24/24. Parking cost is around € 10,- for 24 hours.

Many hotels provide private parking places at additional costs, please consult your hotel website for availability and prices!

Driving documentation:

For those driving in Belgium, the following documentation is required:

  • Passport or ID-card
  • Driving license
  • Valid insurance policy
  • Insurance registration certificate
  • Emission zone validation

Good to know:

  • Traffic moves on the right-hand side of the road.
  • A valid insurance policy required.
  • After dark, the main headlights must be switched on.
  • The driver and all passengers must wear seatbelts at all times. 
  • Speed limits are as follows, unless marked otherwise: 
    In residential areas: 30 km/h 
    In built-up areas: 50 km/h 
    Outside built-up areas: 70 km/h in Flanders, 90 km/h in Wallonia and Brussels
    Motorway: 120 km/h
  • International filling station chains operate in Belgium, the largest of which are Shell, Totall and Texaco.